Luís Onofre
What if the concept of comfort we associate with Après Ski was turned into a more irreverent, urban style? This is the challenge that Luis Onofre proposes for Winter 2019, when he mingles mountain codes with the sophistication we want in daily lives where snow is not always present. Declaring war on cold and without ever setting limits to movement, this is a collection that mingles winter sports codes with the sophistication that defines the label. 

Boots and ankle boots are the highlights, from Texan boots to above the knee boots. From varnish to a shiny vinyl effect and animal prints, the materials in this collection are truly democratic. Honey, white, cherry and grey are the main colours, breathing life into classic blacks and browns. Resuming his partnership with Boca do Lobo, Luis Onofre has once again created a metallic heel, inspired by an iconic table, proving that there are no limits to the elegance of design. 

Reinventing men's essentials and highlighting honey as the preferred colour, the collection consists of Loafers, Oxfords and Monk Straps in high quality leather for the maximum in timelessness and comfort. There is a more contemporary approach in the type of trainers, ideal for life in the city. 

Leather and suede are smoothed to the limit, defying the limits of the minimum thickness for moulding and composition. The delicacy of the raw material transforms each shoe into a veritable element of comfort. Varnish is used with the colour for a truly glacial effect and an unexpected high note.