Maria Gambina

For FW20, Maria Gambina is presenting Nancy, a collection with retro influences in a ski resort environment.
Ski suits become delicate dresses using technical materials with references to timeless garments, such as windcheaters.
Box pleats recall quilted jackets, and blush highlights basic details of the clothes. 
Details like micro Vichy squares, knits and the graphic use of jacquards reinforce the retro side of the collection, but in a more contemporary attitude.  
Pleats resembling the scratches left by ice skates, crackle effects like people playing in the snow, take us to an elegant, feminine universe, but always with a very cool, personal attitude.
The colours are burgundy, ecru, white, burnt yellow, luminous coral/red, with notes of orange, green and light blue.
Partners: TINTEX (sustainable knits with different, creative finishes), LEMAR (technical materials), RDD (delicate knits with innovative finishes) and TROFICOLOR (denim).