The cold and grey days are almost over. We are in the Entrudo.
The grey, deserted streets begin to dance with the sound of the rattles.
In the distance, the strong and cheerful colour of the outfits made of blankets begin to paint the schist and the granite.
Behind the colourful wooden masks with pointed nose the curious and glittery eyes look around for someone to rattle and bring into the party.
Red and yellow begin to break the sobriety of the dark tones of winter, and the glitter of the eyes reflects in the fabrics of those who go out to bid farewell to the dark days.
Simple shapes play with who wears it and are disguised with frills, fringes and less conventional volumes.
It's time to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Black White; Yellow, Red, Orange, Navy, Cocoa, Sandalwood, Fuchsia, Blue Sky with Turquoise and Green Notes

The men's shirt disguises as a princess with fringes, frills and ruffles that run counter to the simplicity of the day, while the formal shirt of a day's work rejoices with details of colour and volumes leaving out the formalisms.
The dresses are transformed with covers and collars with exaggerated volume, playing with strong and colourful prints like playing in Carnival.
The explosion of colour floods the snowy, peaceful white bringing it into the party.
The men's traditional check assumes a feminine identity in shapes and colours.

Cotton, Velvet, Wool farms, Popelines and colorful flannels, here and there cheered by bright copper finishes.

Necklaces and earring made for Meam with the love and creativity of Little Nothing, with touches of nature, remembering the arrival of Spring