Pé de Chumbo
The suggestion the winter 19|20 collection is fringes and lozenges
Red, black, beige, grey and camel are the colours.
Dresses in velvet or satin thread, blouses with ruffles and balloon sleeves, voluminous skirts and high-waisted trousers set the tone for pé de chumbo.
And, showing moral concern in everyday wear, coats with recycled threads or in polyester fibre recycled from the plastic in the oceans, and wool outlining colourful lozenges with long fringes, worn with light, voluminous chiffon coordinates, giving a relaxed look that is at the same time elegant and different, like pé de chumbo women want to be.
Shoes. Shoes stand out this season. 
Designed for coordination, pé de chumbo is focusing on a new aspect, shoes developed using the same construction process as the clothes in the collection. They can be worn with identical coats or dresses for a total look vision.