A person dives into a crystalline sea and then emerges and sees a dark stain blocking the communication of light and heat.

Inspired by water, a finite resource - a terrible waste of the source of being - and the ability of molten magma to recover. Man as the one responsible for the changes in what surrounds us and in ourselves. Molten magma, its ability to make soil fertile - Nature motivated to recover. A possible change in the direction of sustainability and raising awareness in individuals.

The clothing, with different shapes and silhouettes, gives the collection a relaxed, youthful look. Of note are the layers that depict ripples referring to fluidity, the ephemeral and fading away. Structure through cuts - the interaction of Man. Use of mainly organic and recyclable materials - terry cloth, serge and denim in black and shades of blue, alluding to the power and exuberance of the resources. Black prints that distinguish the oil ripples on the crystalline water.