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Ensayo 21

X Lo Siento

Pain of not being able to breathe that air you have always breathed, the lack of strength to resist the fear of fighting to stay, the most intense farewell and the farewell that has always accompanied you. There is a void that sometimes when it is happening, the pain that your chest feels for 25 seconds until you stop feeling yes, stop feeling everything.

plus the moments it takes for information to circulate from the heart to the brain and from the brain to the lungs, yes they are dying, you feel the body fleeing or arriving depends on the point of view.

feel a paradigmatic reality where you can feel that you are someone else but in truth you are just the visit of a soul that let you experience the sensation of dying, but rather feel all that, unconsciously you are watching your body being invaded and taken by someone who came to test you to feel what you felt in the 25 minutes until the dead body was completely dead.

I know I didn't say goodbye...