For Fall Winter 20/21 Maria Gambina presents Searching for the perfect MG.

A collection that reinforces the brand identity;  graphic, fun, urban and creative.

Denims and materials with innovative, sustainable and recycled finishes, combined with knitwear in a sophisticated attitude, with a long silhouette, with unexpected details and a contemporary restlessness.

Bomber jacket, Trucker, Duffle coat and Trench coat are reinterpreted and deconstructed details normally used in the interiors of the pieces are highlighted and played with false pieces in unforeseen layers.

Searching for the perfect MG intensifies the feminine side of Urban Princesses, so characteristic of the brand, as well as the more graphic, relaxed and comfortable side of men's pieces.

The color palette varies between black, navy blue, camel, with notes of white, orange and royal blue.