Who we are, how we live and how we choose to show it is the result of multiple pieces that come together every minute to build the individual self in society. In fact, as a result of all these daily equations, we become decidedly complex beings, while at the same time gifted with a unique, spiritual formality: unwavering individuality.

We are shaped in our memories, our problems, our victories and even our demons; we always keep an eye on the potential we want to achieve. They become a non-exchangeable part of us and forsake them would be the same as forsaking ourselves.

"Overload” is Susana Bettencourt's manifesto. Through her own material universe – Knitwear, she shows us how all the parts come together and give rise to hard shapes, a heavy structure and completely opposing universes. It resembles individuality, emotional intelligence and places its woman as a wonder woman in the contemporary social world.

Continuing on from the problems already explored in previous collections, such as "Super Humano – É hora de mudar” (Superhuman - It's time for a change), her consistent use of available resources, made from waste, is increasingly becoming a label feature. In addition to the social concerns that Susana Bettencourt has shown from the outset that sustainable production is making more and more sense. After all, the "Overload” presentation is a way of fighting the mass, toxic production of fast fashion.