The Spring-Summer 19 collection is, above all, a collection with personality, inspired by the future and the most current trends. We sought out these characteristics in the collections because our DNA has the ability to always be in the forefront. Thus the ambition to go further and to stand out is, without a doubt, present in every detail of every model.
It is a collection focused on a few settings and different types of product, giving it the ability to reach several international markets without ever losing its essence and what characterises Ambitious and its collections.
The soul of the brand and therefore this collection lies in an in-depth knowledge of the art of producing quality footwear, coupled with innovation and design.
The quality and boldness that define us come as a result of the fusion of knowledge and innovation that makes us unique. By doing this, we strive to convey this inspiring energy that is a part of us and develop even further. We and our customers are characterised by this ambition.