alea | captures the rawest, crudest state of childhood, accepting immaturity and preserving innocence in an attempt at internal reconnection. It subtly deals with and questions concepts like morality/kindness, sexuality/obscenity, feminine/fragile in a contemporary context.
Fluid clothing, manipulation of fabric, layers, overlaps and large volumes, in colours that go from ice white to lavender, as well as cream/nude, featured in a random rhythmic cadence, the result of childish fantasies.
The collection is supplemented by accessories - translations of dreams, desires, thoughts - designed and made analogically, one by one, giving them uniqueness and authenticity.



The starting point for Britannia, a collection for the Spring-Summer 2019 season is the boat celebration on 4 June held at Eton school, England.
It is a criticism of the academic system which in many cases I consider out-of-date, archaic and, unfortunately, authoritarian; besides, it is based on a reinterpretation of aesthetics with a strong visual identity, where, in a contemporary fashion, I seek to update classic clothing like waistcoats that turn into crop tops, balloon sleeves in a romantic style, accompanying shirts that turn into dresses and even bodices seeking to redefine the ideal masculine silhouette.
Aesthetics with a strong visual identity where, delving into the traditions and elements of classic folklore, the idea is to respectfully reinterpret men's wardrobes and thus reflect my vision of fashion: studying the past and observing the present to project the future.