Katty Xiomara

The initial idea for the new collection theme, arises through an exhibition I saw in Milan, at the Fundazzione Prada, the exhibition focused on the artistic production of the years of fascism, incredibly a highly negative period was able to generate an admirable artistic quality. There were many works in this exhibition by Fortunato Depero that had a different view of constructivism, quite colorful and graphic. This took me close to a very specific way of reading the TYPE and how it could be worked in an artistic way. Having this theme (TYPE) I managed to identify myself even more with a female trio - Paula Scher, Barbara Stauffacher and Carmen Herrera, the first most current and with a chaotically organized form of communicating. Barbara and Carmen have a more purist side, Barabara still outstanding in her "time”, but Carmen represents the 60's artistic movement Hard Edge and only got recognition recently when she was 85 years old.
This new collection works all the details that define our brand, prints, colour contrast, applications and embroideries, but also the wavy volumes contrasted with the rectilinear volumes, which is something characteristic in the TYPE – (in the letters). In addition to this and because the inspiration also falls to 3 different women, we have thought about the diversity of women, how the shape of their body can influence when choosing what to wear. 
Through the last year we worked in a book that without strangling the originality and individuality of the women tries to help find the garment more suitable to women's body type and the best colour to highlight their skin tone. So, we organized the collection so that some garments work as a starting point to make a look more secure.
We called it BeBOLD because we want the women to feel safe to be innovative. It is clear that this is a kind of word play, because when we write a text on BOLD we want to highlight it, because it is more important.