Luís Buchinho
The aesthetic impulse of Luis Buchinho Spring 2019 show sprung from His Gyotaku inspiration: a traditional Japanese method ofprinting fish originally used by fishermen to record and commemorate their catches.
The designer spent some time consideringwhat it was that attracted him to this form ofnature printing before drawing His first sketches for the season. 
The silhouettes range from fish anguili form locomotion in which a wave passes evenly along a long slender body. 
Luis Buchinho experimented with foil printsin leather, Jersey, rib and lace fabrics to achieve a metallic glow effect similar to that of fish scales.
He paired Gyotaku printed skirts, high risepants with contrast stripes detailing with snapbuttons down each side and Jersey gowns with pleated tops and leather undulating belts emphasizing graphic effects that balance large andfluid shapes with slim and narrow ones.
Copper, rose mauve, fuchsia, red, purple, navy blue, white and black sublimated with a pretty sensational silver luster are the protagonistsof the color palette.
A closer look at the morphology of fishes andtheir physiology led to the layered construction of the coats and jackets.
Pants and dresses feature closures with zips incontrasting shades, colored ribbons, ribs on thehem, neckline or waistline and located details inperforated nets that Play with transparency, opacity and texture.