Luís Onofre

Spondylous – the red gold of the Incas – is one of the starting points for Luis Onofre's Spring-Summer 2019 collection. Inspired by the idea of a prestigious object that is both natural and sacred. This is a collection that also incorporates the iconography of the Old West, so that the identity of each shoe results in a multiplicity of references that gives it balance.

Red is the colour of choice, especially when it empowers ultra-thin stilettos, straight out of the 1980s. Suede-lined platforms are also making a comeback. The heels are the ideal base for the new LO logo, corresponding to current logomania. Chains predominate in the appliqués, actually forming a heel symbolising strength and unity. Texan boots, making the leap from winter to become mules or taking on ethnic embroidery contrasting with the black, are another big trend.

This is a collection of continuity that favours comfort as a key value. Made up of models that blend a sporting spirit with classic elements to reinvent timelessness. The highlight is the unlined leather loafers, almost as pliable as a second skin. The colour base explores navy blue, an essential summer colour, and various shades of brown.

In addition to the usual suedes and satins in the brand's summer collections, this season is marked by the choice of more sustainable leather. The new Wet Whites are made with no chemicals and are therefore more sustainable.