The Spring/Summer 2019 collection theme is Sand Memories.
On this basis, the lines between fashion and the beach disappear, revisiting the 1990s in an encounter between the first trips to the beach and hot summer nights.

Daring brushstrokes and colours faded by the sun contrast with calmness and balance, a transition between long summer days and nights with more elegant silhouettes and decorated shoes.
The brighter pastel colours were consolidated and casually softened with colours from Portuguese coastal towns, the greens and earthy shades of our fields.

Classics and casual sportswear are changed with summer details, from perforations to unconventional patterns. Nautical shades contrast with crepe soles, along with very glossy surfaces that give a damp look.

The more hybrid sporting models in flashes of bright colours, maximalist soles between juxtaposed and overlapped materials, light up the collection, bringing it ever close to high fashion.
The new explorers, bringing a comforting message, with emphasis on superior quality and careless charm, provide a new narrative between the design and the poetic to this group.

Tropical rains and the variations of flora and fauna lend their shades to the Sand & Dust group, with finishes reminiscent of slopping on sunscreen, similar to manual painting.