222 is a natural follow-on from the 111 collection. It comes as a complement, on the theme of the creative and interpretative freedom of emotions, of expression and of sharing. 
Like 111, 222 reflects a multitude of entities in one. Its items can be divided using zips and mixed and matched. They can also be matched with clothes from the previous collection! Half of one jacket can literally be combined with half of another. So, such items feature more than one dimension; they can be handled, or they can carry messages.
Like 111, a large number of the items in this collection are gender fluid, which means they can be worn both by men and women. The shapes are bigger, transformed, freed from gender preconceptions, and take on a transversal sensuality. However, in this collection, we show a softer, more feminine side, complementing that of the previous collection. Soft pleats inspired by the birth of wings contrast with metal zips and sporty details.
The featured fabrics are linen, cotton poplin and metallic jersey. Natural raw materials go hand-in-hand with technological finishes with a metallic effect in the main colours of this collection – white, light grey, pink, blue, silver and gold. A soft, shiny palette, romantic and futuristic, reminiscent of sunrise and sunset.
The 222 collection celebrates the equation art + handicrafts + technology = Storytailors timelessness.
The looks for this collection are completed by footwear by EUREKA.
Eureka Shoes is a Portuguese footwear brand that stands out by its bold, urban and inspiring features. With ties to the world of fashion and art, it sets up partnerships with the main Portuguese designers every season. It now has a network of shops in Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Quality, design and being at the forefront make Eureka Shoes an internationally recognised brand that surprises Eureka Lovers day after day!
The hair is by Helena Vaz Pereira - Griffe Hair Style - Storytailors' creative accomplice in the styling of the looks.