Diogo Miranda
For this collection Spring / Summer 16 Diogo Miranda was inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan known for its pure, straight lines which are the codes of the modern movement. His idea: to create an "emotional architecture” because for him "any work of architecture which does not express serenity is a mistake”.

Thus, Diogo Miranda applied these references using bright colors and playing with different lights to give them different shades of pink , fuchsia and salmon contrasting with the darker tones like black or navy blue. The materials also oppose , especially with the use of silk, crepe or the stiffer brocade in order to give a sense of depth and accentuate architectural lines silhouettes.

The designer therefore offers a collection consisting of loose pants , flared dresses with straight cuts and vertiginous V necks. Diogo Miranda enriches the clean line a poetic style and makes a strong, subtle and feminine summer 16.