Katty Xiomara
The spring/summer 2016 collection is called "8-Bit Flash Back”. It is based on the technological revolution that invaded our homes in the late 1970s, with video games and personal computers.

The aesthetics of this collection is focused mainly on the basic, twodimensional graphics of the video games of that time, evoking a
"pixelised” landscape. The colour palette is neutral and contemporary, turning the vibrant colours, traditionally associated with old video games, into softer, smoother and more elegant colours. The materials are varied in texture and in their behaviour, resulting in an interesting mix of surfaces. Heavy and light silk, cotton and linen; plain, false plain or even micropatterns that fill the forms that are simple and elegant, but strangely inventive in the details. The forms are evocative of the 1970s, from a fun, feminine point of view. Revealing a woman whose power is sustained by the delicate elegance of her strength.