This collection is another story from the book of fairy tales we opened with the last collection, about discovery through imagination, about the riches to be gained from intercultural exchanges. Our concept is reflected in a diary – o Diário de uma princesa em descoberta (The diary of a princess on a discovery). Included in this collection are the two dresses commissioned by the Kennedy Center in Washington. They were on display there at the Iberian Suite exhibition in March this year.

Diário de uma princesa em descoberta combines three stories from Portuguese culture: the legend of "The three enchanted Moorish women”; the story of "Princess Saint Joana”, the patron saint of Aveiro; and Luís de Camões’ epic poem, "Os Lusíadas”. The silhouettes of this collection are marked by the elements water and air, by porcelain and tile panels, by the marriage of art and science, by the determination and the resistant vibe that overcome tragedy and fatalism and lead to discovery and conquest.


Idealise/feel; delicacy/strength; create/build; (self-) discovery/voyage.


Whites and blues, watery reflections, delicate motifs and symbols, solid yet fragile materials, stiff, opaque bodies, but with layers of transparency in the construction technique. Creation and science hand in hand; art with foundations in science and vice-versa (illustrated by Da Vinci, Einstein, Pythagoras and his geometric discoveries). In the shape of the items, we use the golden number and the golden ratio, as they are in nature; the construction and the volumes are influenced by the Fibonacci spiral.