All about the media partners, sponsors, official brands and support at the 38th Portugal Fashion
All about the media partners, sponsors, official brands and support at the 38th Portugal Fashion

The President of ANJE believes that "Portugal Fashion has a great deal of goodwill. In other words, it has high intangible value, proven, for example, by the prestige of the name, public awareness of the event, the quality of the human resources involved, the organisational experience and capability, the capacity for innovation, the international dimension of the project and the media attention it attracts”. The president added that this is why "investing in Portugal Fashion is economically pertinent and likely to create value for companies, institutions, brands and projects. Being associated with one of the most important fashion events on the Iberian Peninsula objectively means being among the most dynamic, cosmopolitan and innovative forces in Portuguese society”, he assured. 

Samsung is a world-class company with businesses in a variety of areas, including fashion. This is why the technology giant has once again teamed up with Portugal Fashion, seeking to create synergies with the designers, companies and the public at the event. Portugal Fashion’s Gold Lounge, in the Porto Customs House, is once again taken over by Samsung, which also promises to surprise the participants with features of its technological innovations.

The various permanent bars at the 38th Portugal Fashion and also at the official parties, which will be at the Beato Convent in Lisbon after the fashion shows on 16 March and the Pitch nightclub in Porto after the fashion shows on 19 March, will be serving Stoli vodka, which is distributed by the Prime Drinks group. Stoli’s range includes Premium, Gold and Elit Stolichnaya vodka, produced in the Tambov region of Russia. It is one of the best vodkas in the world.

The support from SIC, Fashion TV and Antena 3 is justified by the media interest in the event. SIC is once again the official channel for Portugal Fashion, as it has been for the last 14 events. The Carnaxide company will be producing and broadcasting four 2-minute programmes on the SIC generalist channel, eight 2-minute programmes on SIC Mulher and SIC Caras, as well as a 20-minute compact edition on SIC Mulher and SIC Caras. The programmes will be presented, for the third consecutive time, by well-known presenter Ana Rita Clara.

Fashion TV, the largest fashion channel in the world, will be broadcasting to all of Europe reports on the 38th Portugal Fashion (fashion shows and personalities) for 15 days (at least) at prime time, between 8 pm and midnight, a total of 75 minutes. The film will be produced, directed and edited by Fashion TV Portugal and the broadcast is expected to reach a potential audience of over 20 million.

Antena 3 is a media partner for Portugal Fashion, as it has been for the last nine events. This public radio station designed an advertising campaign for Portugal Fashion which includes daily spots, invitations to the event and a variety of games.

Redken is the official hair brand for Portugal Fashion, responsible not only for all the products used in the preparation of all the fashion shows, but also for the event’s hairdressing services. The Redken Fashion Stylist, Vasco Freitas, will be leading the hair teams. Redken Artists will also be there and they will be responsible for showing the creative potential of the product range of this brand from the L’Oreal group.

Closely cooperating with the many Portugal Fashion designers, Mac has once again taken responsibility for makeup at the fashion shows. As the official makeup brand, Mac’s participation will involve specialised products and professionals.

Associated with Portugal Fashion for the first time, Flormar will be the brand of makeup used at the Bloom fashion shows. The products and services of this brand, which is now increasing its focus on Portugal, will be exclusive backstage support for the young designers. This also proves the attraction potential of Portugal Fashion’s new talent platform.

The Crowne Plaza Porto is the official hotel for the 38th Portugal Fashion, providing accommodation for guests and several media professionals.

In addition to the sponsorships and official brands, there is also a group of organisations that have teamed up with the 38th Portugal Fashion, supporting the event with their own products and services.

The well-known nail varnish brand is once again filling the backstage and catwalk at Portugal Fashion with colour, providing manicures for the models at this 38th event.

The century-old Portuguese company has launched a Portugal Fashion soap, made from a 100% vegetable base. The oval soap with the iconic Ach. Brito symbol has one of the classic fragrances of perfumery: the refreshing aroma of citron verbena, where energising notes of lemon stand out from a smooth woody base.

The Japanese car manufacturer has teamed up with Portugal Fashion for the second time in a row. This support comes in the form of transport for the event team between the various fashion show venues.

The three Unicer group brands will be available at the permanent bars and the parties at Portugal Fashion. At the Bloom social lounge, Pedras, Somersby and Carlsberg Nox have offered to organise tastings for all the guests. Cider will also be highlighted at Bloom, with a Somersby van.

The energy drink will once again be "giving wings” backstage at Portugal Fashion.

Handcrafted Arcádia chocolates have teamed up with national fashion creativity to welcome journalists, buyers and other international guests.

The jeweller’s founded in 1874 has joined the national brands that provide support for welcoming foreign guests.

The Portuguese stationery company has developed a "necessaire” and a notebook customised with the Portugal Fashion insignia. These are also for the international guests.

The Portuguese sports products brand is supporting the wardrobe for the staff of Portugal Fashion, with customised items.

The Portuguese clothing brand is also supporting the wardrobe for the staff of Portugal Fashion, with items from its collection.

Porto Lazer is once again associated with Portugal Fashion, supporting the promotion of the event in Porto.