ANJE intensifies its international ventures in the four fashion capitals with the Next Step project
ANJE intensifies its international ventures in the four fashion capitals with the Next Step project

ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs is back with a new calendar and a total of seven international campaigns organised by the Next Step 2016-2017 project. This initiative supports and promotes the participation of young designers, established designers and national labels at the most prestigious fashion events and shows in the world. The first fashion stop of the season will be at London Fashion Week, this time marking the third consecutive participation by designers Alexandra Moura, Carla Pontes and Susana Bettencourt in the showroom part of LFW, between 17 and 21 February. On this note, there is a new venue for the event this season. It's goodbye to Brewer Street and hello to The Store Studios, 180 Strand, located at the epicentre of London City and the usual stage for London Fashion Week Men’s fashion shows.

The global promotion programme for Made in Portugal will be focusing on international fashion weeks (autumn/winter 2017-18) on the European and American markets this season. Also at the same time as the London Fashion Week programme, another campaign under the scope of the Next Step project will be taking place in emblematic New York, between 16 and 18 February. It will be at Tranoï NY, a benchmark event for the world textile industry, that national label TM Collection (by designer Teresa Martins) will be revealing its coordinates for the next cold season to an audience composed mainly of buyers, stockists, fashion advisers and specialised press.

In the last week of February, the pace of external campaigns will be stepped up. At White, from 25 to 27 February in Milan and at the same time as Milano Moda Donna, the Portuguese label will have significant representation. For designers Katty Xiomara, Susana Bettencourt, Hugo Costa, Luís Buchinho, Pedro Pedro and the TM Collection label, participation in this event means an opportunity to attract new buyers, as well as to make new contacts that will allow them to expand the distribution network for their clothes in Italy and other countries. 

Returning to New York, ANJE will be supporting the business internationalisation of the Iora Lingerie label at the Curve show, devoted precisely to the lingerie segment. At the same time as this initiative, from 27 February to 1 March, also in New York, is Edit NY, an important show for the sector, where Portuguese designer fashion will be represented by designer Luís Buchinho. In fact, the designer is on the Next Step calendar with two consecutive campaigns, travelling directly from Milan to New York, in order to intensify marketing of the label named after him, in what is considered one of the strongest economies in the world.

The start-off of the itinerary for the national fashion internationalisation project comes to a close in Paris with a double event. From 2 to 7 March, the three designers who were present at London Fashion Week at the beginning of the season (Alexandra Moura, Carla Pontes and Susana Bettencourt) will be back on the showroom programme, this time at Paris Fashion Week. Still in the City of Light, between 3 and 6 March, the presence of the Babash Design label at Tranoï Femme is confirmed. This is an extremely important event in the international women's fashion ready-to-wear market.

Next Step 2016-2017 aims higher

"This season, the Next Step project is back with an increasing dominance and impact on business internationalisation in the Portuguese fashion sector. It will be present at three different campaigns in New York, two in Paris, one in London and another in Milan, making a total of seven external campaigns in the first quarter of 2017 alone. The direct support given to seven designers and three national labels involves not just the logistics behind their participation in the various commercial campaigns being held in the four fashion capitals, but also the holding of a prior preparation and mentoring programme, aimed at adapting marketing and sales force strategies to the specific nature of each one of the markets visited”, explained ANJE's communications director, Rafael Alves Rocha. "Next Step began its journey in late 2015. In fact, during the year, the commercial arm of Portugal Fashion organised 20 international promotion campaigns and two workshops, attended by 16 designers and six national labels, with a frankly positive outcome. Having reached the end of the first project marathon, the time has come to get back in the race and maximise results. Judging from the calendar for this season, I'm firmly convinced we're on the right track for achieving further success”, the communications director concluded.

Next Step 2016-2017 is a project financed by Portugal 2020, under the Compete 2020 - Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme, with funds from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.