BLOOM IN comes back for its second edition
BLOOM IN comes back for its second edition
Dedicated to Spring Summer 2018 collections, the 41st Portugal Fashion edition brought once more the freshness of the new talents of national fashion, throught the Bloom platform. Held at the Tram Museum, in Porto, the day exclusively dedicated to the young designers brought a newspaper that blooms: BLOOM IN, in a fluorescent edition, tells us all about our irreverent and creative bloomers.

Bloom too has fluorescent properties: it shines light on the bodies on the catwalk, illuminating new fashion languages and aesthetics. Its commitment is to finding new things, through experimentation and innovation. Hence, it acts like an intense flash of light that rescues shapes and colours, materials and accessories, looks and silhouettes, experiences and drrams from obscurity, blazing new trails for Portuguese fashion.

In the second BLOOM IN, it is the fluorescence of Bloom that will be shining brightly. The brillance in this publication comes from our Bloomers – their bright ideas, their creative brillance, their glowing talent. The multi-artistic stage of Bloom belongs to them, as it once more blends urban music and culture with the irreverence of fashion design.

Check here the digital version of BLOOM IN.