Bloom: two newcomers and eight talents in the competition
Bloom: two newcomers and eight talents in the competition
The Portugal Fashion line-up consists of 10 fashion shows under the Bloom project. This platform was set up to add value to the work of young designers. The HIBU label will once again be opening the Bloom calendar, presenting its collection in the Beato Convent at 9 pm on 16 March. This is followed by eight fashion shows in Porto, of note being the débuts of Maria Kobrock and Sara Maia and the final decision in the 2015 Bloom Competition.

Generational renovation of Portuguese fashion is one of Portugal Fashion’s strategic aims. At this event, it can be seen in the presentation of proposals from 13 young designers and three labels on the Bloom catwalk. The HIBU label, developed by young designers Marta Gonçalves and Gonçalo Páscoa, will be presenting its innovative collection for next autumn/winter in Lisbon. In Porto, from 17 to 19 March, there will be eight more fashion shows by young designers (Eduardo Amorim, Inês Marques, Maria Kobrock, Pedro Neto and Sara Maia) and by three labels (HIBU, KLAR and [UN]T).

Maria Kobrock and Sara Maia will be making their débuts on the calendar. The German-Portuguese designer studied fashion design and "pattern making/draping” at ESMOD Berlin – University of Art for Fashion and is now doing an intensive course on Footwear Design at the Gudi Fashion School in Porto. Sara Maia trained at the Porto Fashion School and at Citex and has worked with several national designers. In 2012, she won first prize for young designer at Portugal Fashion’s Bloom and then moved to London, where she worked with several labels (Marques Almeida, Aitor Throup, Maharishi).


In addition to these fashion shows, the Bloom catwalk will also play host to the collections of the eight finalists in the 2015 Bloom Competition (Amorphous, Beatriz Bettencourt, David Catalan, Fii, Inês Maia, KDI, Patrícia Shim and Sara Marques). The four winners will be chosen at the end and the successful designers will be able to present their work again on the Portugal Fashion catwalk. They will also receive a financial incentive to develop their collections.

This is an opportunity to stimulate new talents in the national fashion world. The first competition was held in 2004 and it has already been responsible for launching names like Filipe Trindade, Pedro Pinto, Diogo Miranda, Carla Pontes, Susana Bettencourt and Hugo Costa on the market.
It is also important to mention that the Bloom project was set up by Portugal Fashion in 2010 in order to support and publicise emerging talents in national fashion and give them added value. Since it was set up, the project has already launched 34 young designers on the market and many of these names are on Portugal Fashion’s main calendar every year.

Carla Pontes and Mafalda Fonseca are the most recent names who have moved from the Bloom platform to Portugal Fashion’s main catwalk. By actively contributing to paving this road to positive evolution, Bloom is also embracing an international dimension by making it possible for the young designers to present their proposals at international fashion shows and showrooms, as has already been the case in London, Vienna, Paris, Copenhagen and Madrid.