Competition for young designers associates traditional embroidery techniques to fashion
Competition for young designers associates traditional embroidery techniques to fashion

This is yet another opportunity for promising talents in the national fashion world. In an attempt to bring back local craft traditions, the Castelo Branco City Council recently announced the first ever "Castelo Branco Embroidery and Fashion” competition. The proposals must use the embroidery technique and should be handed in by 31 January 2017.

Promoting the use of embroidery in fashion, in the clothing, footwear or accessories categories, and contributing to raising awareness on the importance of supporting local products in the affirmation of the identity of places are the two main aims underlying this competition. Castelo Branco Municipality is thus stimulating the creativity of young Portuguese designers, by incorporating and revitalising a typical Portuguese, traditional craft – embroidery – in a modern and disruptive fashion.

The proposals must have the following elements: project concept; moodboard; panel of materials and trims; illustration showing the entire look (styling); sketchbook; and technical information. University students and/or graduates in Fashion Design less than six years ago are eligible for the competition, individually or in groups. The proposals will then be analysed by the panel of judges, who will select the best projects by the final stage of the competition, which is expected to be in early May 2017. The public presentation of the winners will culminate at the Castelo Branco Moda´17 fashion show on a date to be announced. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category, a value of €1500, €1000 and €500, respectively.

For the panel of judges, the event organisers invited the coordinator of Portugal Fashion International, Catarina Santos Cunha, representing ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, and designer Alexandra Moura, who has close ties to the region as is a professor at the Castelo Branco Higher Institute of Applied Arts.

At the same time, according to information provided by the Castelo Branco City Council "the Castelo Branco Embroidery Interpretation Centre is being built to be the nerve centre for production, marketing, promotion and study of this artistic expression, unequalled in our country”, as can be read on the rules of competition.

For more information, go to: http://www.cm-castelobranco.pt/