Find out more about the winner of the Bloom Competition
Find out more about the winner of the Bloom Competition
Carla Alves, the young designer responsible for the Amorphous label, won first place in the Bloom Competition. The announcement was made during the 38th Portugal Fashion after the collective fashion show that brought together the eight competition finalists. Called M001 Cesura, the winning collection took the form of a manifesto for the "release from longstanding social and moral stigma”, with particular emphasis on the lack of equal rights for women, which is still very present in some old cultures.

If it is a fact that throughout history women have fought for equal rights, for the dignity to be able to "live life to the full and face the world like their fellow human beings”, it is also a fact that "to this day, the rituals, beliefs and values of some cultures resist this constant struggle” and refuse to change. It was based on this assumption that the winner of the Bloom Competition, Carla Alves, designed her Amorphous collection, setting herself apart from the other seven proposals in the competition.

Carla Alves, who is 24 years old, graduated in Fashion Design from Modatex Porto. She participated in Portugal Fashion for the first time in the Sprinkle edition of October 2014, integrated in the collective Modatex Porto's fashion show. That same year she won first prize in the "IlustraFashionClub” illustration contest organized by Hard Club, and second prize in the L’Aiguille d’Or representing Modatex, in a competition organized by the Association "Savoir Faire" and produced by Atelier des Créateurs. The career of the young designer also includes, of note, working for the Alexandra Moura studio and the company Petratex.

She started the Amorphous label in July 2015. Four months later, the designer took part in the Acrobactic competition and won the prizes for best collection and best coordinate. She has also won the THE award.