First Portugal Fashion/Sport Zone collection in the shops
First Portugal Fashion/Sport Zone collection in the shops
The sportswear line designed by Katty Xiomara arrived in the shops today, 14 March, and marks the beginning of the 38th Portugal Fashion Week. Resulting from a partnership between Sport Zone and Portugal Fashion, the new clothing line designed by Katty Xiomara is on sale at 24 strategically selected Sport Zone shops and is also available online.
Retailers can now order the sportswear items and sell them directly to their customers. With prices ranging from EUR 17.99 to EUR 42.99, the collection marks the start of a partnership between Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone, which will make it possible to launch sportswear collections designed by Portuguese designers. This partnership between the two entities envisages inviting a different designer each season to develop a fitness, running and swimming collection (from 25 to 30 items).

For Portugal Fashion, this partnership has fulfilled the strategic aim of linking designers to the textile industry and commercial fashion circuits. In the opinion of João Rafael Koehler, President of ANJE (organiser of Portugal Fashion), "this partnership falls under a more aggressive, proactive strategy that we are putting into operation in order to strengthen the ties between designers and the business world. Portugal Fashion believes that the sustainability of national fashion is based mainly on how designers structure their activity as a business. Therefore, it is fundamental to have partnerships like this one, that give added value without neglecting the market”, the president added.

Mónica Pimentel, Commercial and Product Development director at Sport Zone, said that "Sport Zone has been focusing closely on the development of high quality sports gear and is increasingly concerned about design. Therefore, the partnership we now have with Portugal Fashion, an event that is an incontrovertible reference for creativity and aesthetic sophistication in Portugal, is also a natural step in the evolution of Sport Zone and we are firmly convinced that the relationship will be beneficial for both parties”.

In practice, the lines produced by the designers under the scope of this partnership between Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone focus on combining the quality and technical factors ensured by the chain and the fashion factors provided by the designers, in terms of colours, patterns and cuts. Once introductions have been made between the designers and Sport Zone, via Portugal Fashion, the work will go ahead with monitoring by the sports chain’s technical teams in order to fine tune the type of items selected for the collections, as well as the selection of materials or producers.