Grey hair, don’t care
Grey hair, don’t care

Forget about black hair to match the season, which is normally darker and greyer. And not bright red or deep blue either, if you're more daring in your colour choices. If you want to be in fashion, the actual trend is white hair.

It can be silver, grey or completely white. Judging from the catwalk pictures from the last fashion shows season, haute couture houses like Proenza Shoulder, Alexander Wang or Eckhaus Latta have adopted white hair as a trend, as reported in an article recently published by the New York Times' T Magazine. We sought then to find clarification of this new fashion, although it seems to be one of those things that "you either love or hate”.

In fact, it is all a question of affirmation. More and more millennials are adopting the trend, influenced by their favourite models and it girls. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are just some of the personalities who have risked white hair, as reported in The Telegraph. In fact, after publicly launching the new hair colour Pantone, a legion of fans followed in their footsteps. This is a statement that is fashionable in every way, from street style to the catwalks of the big houses on the high fashion circuit.

Middle age was never so sexy

The paradigm shift can also be seen in women who have let this hair colour come naturally. But it is interesting – and a sociological fact to be studied – that for women aged between 40 and 60/70, the influence can also come from role models. We have the examples of actresses Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren, who have accepted their grey hair, which in no way compromises their beauty and sensuality.

In Portugal too, more and more women are opting for grey hair

In a recent article on the topic, published in the Observador, some Portuguese women were interviewed and they were quick to say yes to their grey hair. One of the main reasons for making this decision has to do with saving time and money "on keeping their hair properly dyed”, that beauty can also be found in this hair colour and praising the liberty of being what they really are, without being bound by social or aesthetic norms.

More than just a trend, for these advocates of grey hair, aging does not have to be concealed. And with more and more women putting an end to the stereotype that grey is synonymous with old, maybe we are seeing the dawn of a new age with regard to hair colours. Because white is the new black!


* Photo credits: T Magazine, The New York Times