Happiness Edition: the new line of happy t-shirts from Storytailors
Happiness Edition: the new line of happy t-shirts from Storytailors
Happiness was the driving force behind the design of the new Happiness Edition, a gender fluid line of t-shirts that incorporates the key concepts of the science of happiness. The proposals were launched at the Storytailors Store in Lisbon, July 7th.

"Happiness is that word we all want to hear, feel and, above all, be. Storytailors want everybody to feel happy when they wear the t-shirts they've designed, so that they'll wear them again and again". This was the assumption based on which the duo of João Branco and Luís Sanchez designed the Happiness Edition, a special edition not only because of the design involved, but also because of the underlying theme. In close cooperation with psychologist Cristina Nogueira da Fonseca, a specialist in the Science of Happiness, July 7th, Storytailors launched a line of t-shirts that reflects the key concepts of the this science and promises to inspire whoever wears them.

The proposals come in two versions – black and white – giving a gender fluid model that the duo have been getting us used to, with one classic t-shirt structure and another more adjusted to the feminine body. Yellow is the main colour in the collection, proving its fame as a colour of happiness, in a t-shirt that has four anatomical seams instead of the two more common side seams, which allows them to accompany the silhouette better.

Absolut Vodka too wanted to join in the Storytailors moment of happiness, with its Rainbow Edition, thus celebrating diversity and love, in addition to happiness itself.