HIBU: a growing label in the Bloom area
HIBU: a growing label in the Bloom area
Since the March 2014 Portugal Fashion, the Hibu label has been consolidating its presence in the Bloom project. The two young designers, Marta Gonçalves and Gonçalo Páscoa, both firmly believe that the creative platform has allowed them to reach a wider audience and, as a result, they have earned more recognition. 

When speaking on the SIC Mulher programme, "Faz Sentido”, the representatives of HIBU made a positive assessment of their participation in Portugal Fashion. The interview, which was just a few hours before the presentation of the show at the Old Arena in the Colégio dos Nobres (College of Nobles) – Natural History and Science Museum, revealed some details of the collection that was to be presented. 

Considering that "gender is irrelevant when designing clothes”, the label’s aim in its spring/summer 2016 was to leave behind its dark register, while remaining loyal to the re-creation of basic garments, oversize and unisex, allied with the conjugation of an urban, sporty and minimalist design. Also taking Japanese inspiration, the collection revealed the construction of new shapes using collages.

For these young designers, Marta Gonçalves and Gonçalo Páscoa, the main advantage of Hibu being on the Bloom platform, which is coordinated by Miguel Flor, is the creation of their own identity in the fashion world. And they guarantee that this identity is present in each one of their shows.