How national designers and brands communicate Christmas and New Year's Eve
How national designers and brands communicate Christmas and New Year's Eve

Special Christmas sales entitled to promotions, gorgeous shop window displays, original cards and charitable actions. The wonderful time of the year is anything but monotonous thanks to Portuguese creators and brands.

Imbued with the spirit of Christmas, Storytailors has shared brief videos on its Facebook page on a daily basis, in a countdown to Christmas, which include images of articles and accessories of the creative duo as gift suggestions. On the other hand, Instagram shows photographs of the original shop windows of the brand's flagship store, located at Calçada do Ferragial, 8, in Lisbon.

Susana Bettencourt and Hugo Costa have joined forces and travelled to Lisbon last weekend for a Christmas sample sale, enhanced by different musical moments, especially as the selected place was the Damas concert hall. Moreover, Susana Bettencourt has displayed her autumn-winter collection, on sale at scar id-store (multi-brand store located at Rua do Rosário, 253, Porto) and on the online platform @maisportugal30. In exchange, the young designer has also asked everyone following her work for a little gift in her stocking: a vote in her favour in the OPENMYMEDPRIZE 2017 competition, attributed by Maison de Mode Méditerranée

Participation in the Christmas sales has also been the strategy followed by the young designer Estelita Mendonça, who was recently at Miss’opo with various items of her collection for the cold season. The designer Anabela Baldaque has focused on Christmas decorations, inviting her followers to visit her shop located in the Foz Velha area, in Porto (Rua Padre Luís Cabral, 1075). Diogo Miranda has his atelier in Felgueiras, but if you really want to buy this dress (Christmas suggestion of the magazine Elle Portugal), or this one (proposed by Vogue Portugal), you can do so through the new website of the northern designer, who has an ongoing campaign for the season with discounts of around 40%. "Diogo Miranda Team Wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” was also the message he left on Facebook.

The designer Luís Buchinho also likes to surprise us. To celebrate Christmas, he has created a personalised Xmas shopping card, composed of various suggestions of knitwear articles, that can be bought at the physical shop (Rua José Falcão, 22, Porto) or in various multi-brand stores all over the country. Katty Xiomara's atelier, located at Rua da Boavista, 795, in Porto, was the setting for a Christmas sale with promotions reaching up to 80%, during the last weekend before Christmas. And transporting her creativity to graphic design, Katty Xioamara shared a message on her Instagram wishing everyone happy holidays.

Continuing to navigate through the social networks of our national designers we discovered the "Magic days of Christmas” by Elsa Barreto, with discounts up to 20% at the physical shop, in Braga (Rua Dom Paio Mendes, 67), in the Jesus Peiro multi-brand space, in Porto (Rua Pedro Homem de Melo, 85), or, alternatively, on the online platform Tuedder. The Christmas spirit is also present in Fátima Lopes' atelier, who didn't miss the opportunity to share a brief video on Instagram.

Christmas Bloom

The younger designers have also been particularly active at this time of the year. Pedro Neto held a sample sale at the beginning of the month and has a Xmas sale running from 19 up to 23 December, at Box 32 (Rua António Cândido, 32, Porto). In turn, the bloomer David Catalán recently travelled to Madrid to participate in the IpopUp showroom, an action which he shared on his Instagram.

A ESAD – Matosinhos College of Art and Design (ESAD) attended a solidarity Christmas concert, held on 11 December at Igreja dos Clérigos, under the Fashion for a Cause project. A EMP – Porto Fashion School (EMP) relies on Facebook to pass on its Christmas messages, both through a video and a Seasonal Greetings card which includes a picture of a fashion show accompanied by a text summing up 2016. Já o Modatex – The Vocational Training Centre for the Textile, Clothing and Woollens Industry (Modatex) has supported its local community with numerous solidarity actions, which include the organisation of a Christmas fair, where the sums raised were donated to Acreditar (Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer), and the production of an educational Advent calendar offered to AMAR21 (Portuguese Association for Down Syndrome), of Barcelos.

The allure of the brands

How can anyone resist the Christmas Carols of our national brands? A word of advice: don't even try. Vicri focuses on promotions with drops down to half price (for parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles, boyfriends or husbands there's no lack of ideas). Dielmar follows along the same line of action up to 15 January 2017. Also reinforcing the promotional campaign allusive to the has proposed successive wish lists throughout the month of December, which include articles of clothing, footwear and accessories. And don't we just love these little Christmas gifts! To finalise this brand circuit, here's yet another important piece of information. Discounts of 30% in the entire Lion of Porches autumn-winter collection 2016, but only up to 24 December.

There are also presents in the stocking

Of course there are! Various national footwear brands have let their imagination fly during this season of the year. Ambitious has created a "Survival guide for Christmas parties - what to wear (clothes and shoes)", divided in a series of original publications on the brand's Facebook and Instagram. Dkode has proposed the "Remake Your Christmas” game, and has an ongoing holiday sale until 1 January. Fly London wishes all its customers a Merry Christmas through its refreshed Facebook cover. Likewise, JJ Heitor has updated the cover of his page on this social network, also adding a Seasonal Greetings video with the message "Something to Give / Something to Receive”. It's also Christmas Time at Nobrand and there are price reductions that we recommend checking.


And, this Christmas survey of ours certainly doesn't end here, so please pay attention to the publications that the designers and brands have in store for us up to New Year's Eve.