Hugo Costa returns to Paris  with a collection inspired  by remoteness and reencounters
Hugo Costa returns to Paris with a collection inspired by remoteness and reencounters
After Miguel Vieira's fashion show in Milan, Portugal Fashion travelled to Paris, the city of the Eiffel Tower, macaroons and… love, for the fall-winter 19/20 season. Hugo Costa opened the doors at 43 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth on 16 January, at 5 pm (local time), in a two-and-a-half hour presentation. 

This creative production combined the conceptual inspiration of the designer with an artistic installation, promoting direct contact with the collection. Hugo Costa reflects on "our difficulty in accepting differences and the barriers created to separate people”.  

The "MAYBE WE’LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN” collection, whose name is taken from a sentence written on what's left of the Berlin Wall, marked the designer's sixth consecutive participation in the well-known Paris Fashion Week Menswear.
"Maybe we’ll be together again”: the collection that speaks of reencounters

Lack of freedom, divisions, barriers imposed, reencounters and emotional connections. Hugo Costa in his fall-winter 2019/2020 collection was inspired by five key items. 

"What is left when barriers stop us from moving ahead? What do we become when the world becomes more violent and hatred grows with every passing day? How can we respect each other if we are moving further and further away from each other?”, he asks.

Hugo Costa's collection is aimed at pondering over freedoms lost, walls raised and the increase in extreme acts. "There is a physical distance that is weakening emotional and sentimental relationships between people”, he said, adding that the "extreme acts  which are on the rise” make interaction difficult. 

The colours used by Hugo Costa show a play of feelings. While the black, grey and olive green perhaps bring out the harder, drier side of his collection, the beige, Bordeaux and pink perhaps show the "love" side.

The fabrics Hugo uses are denim, austere looking fabrics and some (not many) technical fabrics. Classics from the 1970s and 1980s in the silhouettes prevail.

Hugo Costa asks one final question. A question meant to make you think: "What is left when the dream has gone, apart from this present which is so harsh”?

Winter from Portugal to the world

In Paris, Portuguese fashion was represented by other designers in addition to Hugo Costa. It was exactly in the French capital that the project by Next Step, the commercial arm of Portugal Fashion, had its first commercial campaign of the FW19 season.
Hugo Costa was once again in the limelight together with designer David Catalán. Their proposals for the next cold season could be seen at the Idao-Showroom, from 18 to 23 January. Located on Rue de Turenne, it is a space buyers from all over the world and specialised press have easy access to, in the context of the menswear fashion week. The ERNEST W BAKER label, by Inês Amorim and Reid Baker (Powered by ModaLisboa), were also in showroom in the French capital with the support of Next Step.

Next Step (a project run by ANJE) and Portugal Fashion (a project run by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, developed in partnership with ATP – Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal) are financed by Portugal 2020, under the scope of Compete 2020 – Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation, with funding from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.