Isabel Branco won the FLASH! Awards
Isabel Branco won the FLASH! Awards

Known as the "strong woman backstage”, Isabel Branco is one of the female talents to have been singled out by the FLASH! magazine, which presents awards every year to women who have stood out for their work and creativity in different sectors of Portuguese society. 

The winner of the Fashion category of the "Woman + FLASH!” award 2015 is the coordinator of Portugal Fashion’s fashion shows for 17 years now knows all the secrets of the catwalk and understands the backstage dynamics of a fashion week better than anyone, having started in this area as a model at the age of 18. Determination, perseverance, leadership capacity and immense know-how about all the ins-and-outs and idiosyncrasies of the business. These are qualities that have given her the title of the most charismatic producer of national fashion shows.

With Portugal Fashion, the bond is longstanding, almost maternal. Since 1999, all of the national events have not been able to do without the "Woman + FLASH!” winner, and she also supports international forays made by the initiative. And, her firm posture – yet serene at the same time – transmits unshakeable confidence to the entire team, something that not even the backstage frenzy or the stress can get the better of. As Isabel Branco herself admits, her work now is reminiscent of a background linked to cinema production. Maybe this can explain her quest for perfection and for harmony over the days of intense work, like the Portugal Fashion days, when the demanding line-up of fashion shows requires everything to be organised and perfectly timed down to the second. Nothing can go wrong and the veteran Isabel knows that. When she was interviewed for a special programme about backstage at Portugal Fashion, broadcast by SIC, she did not hesitate to say that there were once major delays at the fashion shows but "that hasn’t happened in a long time, because I don’t let it”.

Isabel Branco, the winner of the Fashion category, (whose other nominees were Ana Borges Freitas, Maria Clara, Sara Sampaio and Sharam Diniz), was already a "Woman + FLASH!” for all those around her. It remains only to say that the initiative is aimed at paying homage to enterprising, creative women who stand out for their career and performance in different parts of Portuguese society (in addition to the Fashion category, the competition also has Art, Lifestyle, Business, Revelation and Career categories).