Miguel Vieira and Katty Xiomara enchant at New York Fashion Week
Miguel Vieira and Katty Xiomara enchant at New York Fashion Week

After Paris and Milan menswear fashion weeks in June Portugal Fashion headed to New York. The North American fashion stop declared the Spring/Summer 2018 season officially open (as regards women’s wear fashion weeks), with fashion shows by Katty Xiomara and Miguel Vieira at New York Fashion Week. The collections by designer Katty Xiomara for the next spring/summer season were unveiled at Pier 59 Studios (Studio A) on 11 September. The following day, at the same venue, but this time in Studio C, it was the turn of Miguel Vieira's creations to take to the catwalk. It’s the third consecutive season that Portugal Fashion participates in New York Fashion Week, exactly one year after the participation which brought to an end its 15-year hiatus in holding fashion shows in the capital.

"The significance of New York Fashion Week is two-fold as it not only signals the beginning of the unveiling of the spring/summer 2018 collections in the women’s fashion weeks, but it also reasserts Portugal Fashion's presence in the North American market”, states ANJE Chairman, Adelino Costa Matos. "This is the third consecutive season that Portugal Fashion participates in the event, which, without a doubt, is a victory for the project and an opportunity to bring the "made in Portugal” label to one of the most talked about and vibrant fashion capitals of the world, a stage where the brand campaign we are promoting represents high business potential in the vast American market, but also in the various global markets that converge on the exhibition”, added the Chairman.

Katty Xiomara finds inspiration in the revival art deco of the 1960s in Miami Beach

Well-versed in the North American market, one of the most important for her label, Katty Xiomara presented her spring/summer collection in New York which was inspired by a trip: a parachute taken by the Caribbean breeze lands in the revival art deco of the 1960s in Miami Beach. According to the designer, the collection "plunges into the warm essence of sweetened and exotic colours, weaving blocks of colour scattered in their different depths” and aims at creating a nostalgic connection portrayed in a contemporary style, reflecting the revival of this movement in a lighter, more colourful and sweeter manner, adapted to the aesthetics of the 1960s.

The colour palette consists of shades of water and orange, papaya, melon and raspberry, outlined in black and white as "neutral meeting points”. The parachute that inspired the concept can be seen in the shapes: "loose, simple and bare”, with patterns attempting to evoke the environment. The fabrics are also representative of the theme: "ripstop, crepe, lamé, gingham, tulle and lace”.

Spring/Summer 2018 collection marks 30 years of career for Miguel Vieira

Following his participation in Milano Moda Uomo last June, Miguel Vieira headed to New York Fashion Week with his women’s wear creations from the collection which sets the tone for the celebration of his 30-year career, presented to the public on 12 September. However, for the designer, it’s not just about celebrating his career: "It is also the celebration of an individuality, a philosophy that grew stronger and established itself as a unique and unmistakable style”.

Looking back over his thirty years of work in the fashion industry, Miguel Vieira highlights what differentiates his label from the others: "[The label] Miguel Vieira is not only made by and for men and women with strong personalities who know what they want, who have the right silhouette or the pieces that marked each collection. It is also made with a sense of daring, a love for what is beautiful, by the tenacity to share each concept, inspired by everything that surrounds it and to create each piece as if it were a work of art.” Today, Miguel Vieira label is much more than men’s, women’s or children’s wear. It also includes footwear, accessories, glasses, jewellery and even furniture. The designer is proud of this comprehensiveness and variety and that shows in the accessories of his Spring/Summer 2018 collection: "The label is proud to have and to sew quality into all the items needed to create the perfect look”, added the designer.

For Miguel Vieira, the label’s success throughout the years lies not only on the quality of production, but also on the feelings of luxury and elegance of those wearing his clothes. The designer also added that besides celebrating his thirty years in the fashion industry, this collection is also celebrating "the future the brand has yet to come”.