Miguel Vieira designs sportswear line for Sport Zone
Miguel Vieira designs sportswear line for Sport Zone

You'll have to wait until February 2017 to get one or more of the items in the sportswear collection that Miguel Vieira developed for Sport Zone, but you can always put them on your wish list. The new collection, which will take over from Katty Xiomara's collection, comes as a result of a partnership between the largest chain of sportswear shops in the country and Portugal Fashion. The presentation took place during the 39th Portugal Fashion and there are many inspiring images.

Each season, a national designer is invited to develop a sports line for Sport Zone, thus making access to designer fashion more democratic. This sums up the guiding principle of the partnership that has existed between the Sonae group brand and Portugal Fashion since late 2015. After the first collection designed by Katty Xiomara, the time has come for a second partnership, which includes suggestions indicated for four sports: Running, Tennis, Cycling and Combat Sports.

After a presentation aimed at the press during Portugal Fashion SS17, the images with the sports proposals from the well-known designer from São João da Madeira spread through social media. Some examples are the articles by GQ Portugal, Caras magazine, the Move platform, Happy Woman's Instagram and the references in the Observador and Activa magazine. On the Imagens de Marca programme on SIC Notícias, the designer revealed that the collection has the DNA of the brand, not avoiding "the use of black and white”, and with the innovation of trim in gold which give the coordinates "a more glamorous, chic air”, he said.

"Without sacrificing fashion on the altar of sport, but rather combining the two, it was possible to design a collection where there is no line separating aesthetic sophistication from performance, adding luxury and design to traditional sportswear”, Miguel Vieira summed up.

With full creative freedom in colours, patterns and cuts, Miguel Vieira took input from Sport Zone's technical teams as specialists in sport. In fact, the accompaniment begins with advice on the choice of materials, as well as the selection of suppliers for production of the collection, which is always closely monitored. Thus, with the support of this multidisciplinary team, the use of the most suitable fabrics for taking part in the four sports is correctly and comfortably guaranteed, giving total freedom to the body for the movements required.

With coordinates for men and women in each one of the four sports, the new line is made up of diverse items, including trousers, shorts, tops, t-shirts and jackets. There are also accessories for combat sports, such as gloves, bands and punch bags. In the Tennis collection, apart from the traditional and timeless pleated skirts and polo shirts, there is also a dress, something which is becoming more and more common on tennis courts.

Garnering more expressiveness in the sportswear segment, the world trend towards partnerships between brands in the fast fashion industry and designer labels is becoming increasingly stronger. On the international scene, for example, there have been partnerships between Adidas and designer Stella McCartney, and Nike and the creative director of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing. There have also been partnerships between the Swedish chain H&M and designers or labels in the high fashion industry, a new pattern that began in 2004 with the partnership with Karl Lagerfeld.

The first collection from the partnership uniting Sport Zone and Portugal Fashion will remain in the shops until the beginning of next year. The result, according to the designer Katty Xiomara, has been "quite positive”. This statement was corroborated by the Iberian Marketing Director of Sport Zone, Mónica Pimentel. She will be followed by Miguel Vieira in February 2017.