Pedro Neto, a Bloomer to watch
Pedro Neto, a Bloomer to watch

He first took part in Portugal Fashion in March 2014 and since then he has participated regularly in all the events on the calendar, bringing him to five consecutive participations. Born in Santo Tirso, the city that inspires him and where he decided to open his studio and showroom, Pedro Neto is a young designer who has admitted that he likes working with emotions.

Although his solo début came in 2014, when he won the Bloom Competition (with a collection inspired by the Self-Burial project by photographer and artist Keith Arnatt), the previous year Pedro Neto had experienced the frenetic atmosphere backstage at the platform dedicated to young designers, as part of the collective fashion show by the Porto Fashion School (EMP).

At the same time as he was kicking off his career, he was training at one of the biggest names at the top of the world fast fashion table – Zara. His career also includes some time spent working with the national textile industry, at Asdrubal J.A.

Works of art are his source of inspiration

With a marked artistic personality, Pedro Neto is quick to admit that everything around him can serve as a source of inspiration. But works of art in particular awaken feelings and emotions in the young designer that are easily seen in the collections he produces.

Let’s take a look at the designs in his last two catwalk presentations. For the warm season, the starting point for the designer from Santo Tirso was a personal analysis of a 1970s painting by Robert Rauschenberg, on exhibit at the Ace Gallery in Venice, in the USA. As this is a collection that brings together "several glued and overlaid images”, like a kind of moodboard, Pedro Neto interpreted it in the light of the word "sentiment”. This gave rise to the development of a collection with small reminders and memories of the past, inserting the "bow” as a figurative prop and using black as a synonym for loneliness and loss. For the fabrics, the choice went with the more transparent ones, "such as organza and finishes with glitter and pleats”, showing a state of imaginative lightness.

In his last collection, presented at Portugal Fashion in March, giving a preview of the trends for next autumn-winter, the designer developed his coordinates based on a woman from the 11th century, who was immortalised in one of the paintings of John Collier, Lady Godiva. The equestrian world rides on to the field through the illustration of "a woman who was naive, but also determined and very sure of her convictions and her presence”. The utopian luxury and sumptuousness of the fabrics chosen, such as devoré velvet and wool with detailed finishes, are the main things to be taken from this most recent collection.

International projection circumvents the small size of the domestic market

The Portuguese designer’s international début was in February this year at the International Fashion Showcase, organised by the British Council and by the British Fashion Council during London Fashion Week. Pedro Neto was part of a group of designers invited by Portugal Fashion to design an artistic installation whose starting point was the use of cork.

An unparalleled opportunity for the young designer, giving him the opportunity to promote his work in a market that is extremely dedicated to developing new talents. In fact, the network of contacts he made there, along with his work promoting the label, have brought Pedro regular invitations from several national and international publications, including Vogue Portugal, Revista Happy, Vogue Italia, Marie Claire Italia, Harper's Bazaar UK, Schön! Magazine and ELSV Magazine. His designs have also been worn by several public figures on the Portuguese social scene.

As already mentioned, the physical showroom is located in Santo Tirso. But in addition to this point of sale, the young designer’s creations are also available online, at Not Just a Label and on the Les Filles e-commerce site.


Source: Janela Urbana.com