Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone launch a sportswear line designed by national designers
Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone launch a sportswear line designed by national designers
Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone have formalised a partnership for the launch of a joint sportswear line created by national designers. The first collection was developed by Katty Xiomara and presented in October at the 37th Portugal Fashion. This partnership envisages inviting a different designer each season to develop a collection including 25 to 30 fitness, running and swimming items. 

The proposals of the Sport Zone + Katty Xiomara Powered by Portugal Fashion line will be on sale from February 2016 at Sport Zone shops nationwide. This is why Portugal Fashion sees this partnership as additional support for bringing designers, labels, the textile industry and commercial fashion circuits closer together. The visibility and sales force of the largest Portuguese chain of sports shops are also interpreted as a commercial stimulus and democratisation of access to designer fashion.

"This partnership between Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone forms part of a more aggressive and proactive strategy that we are implementing in order to strengthen ties between designers and the business universe. Portugal Fashion has always believed that the sustainability of national fashion is based mainly on the way designers structure their activity as a business. That is why collaboration such as this one are essential, that add value without neglecting the market”, states João Rafael Koehler, president of ANJE. "Sport Zone is a Portuguese label with a notable history. It is the largest national chain of sports shops, it is beginning its process of internationalisation and it is part of one of the major Portuguese business groups. So, we are sure that this will be a successful partnership”, the president concluded.

Mónica Pimentel, Sport Zone’s Product Development and Commercial Director, said: "Sport Zone has been investing heavily in the development of high quality sports gear and has been looking more closely at design. Therefore, the partnership we now have with Portugal Fashion, an event that is an incontrovertible reference for creativity and aesthetic sophistication in Portugal, is also a natural step in the evolution of Sport Zone and we are firmly convinced that the relationship will be beneficial for both parties.
"We will be working closely with Portuguese designers, giving them creative liberty and providing them with the experience of our teams as specialists in sports in order to develop fitness, running and swimming items. In addition to giving more visibility to the importance of doing sports and having a healthy lifestyle, this project has also made it possible to democratise access to designer fashion,” she added. 

Following a global trend towards partnerships between designers and brands, which is becoming more and more common in the emerging sportswear segment, the line resulting from the partnership between Portugal Fashion and Sport Zone is focusing on uniting the quality and technical factors guaranteed by the chain and the fashion factors assured by the designers with regard to colours, patterns and cuts. In fact, once Portugal Fashion bridged the gap between Sport Zone and the designers, the work went ahead, with constant monitoring by each one of the sports chain’s technical teams. This supervision goes from the decision on the type of items to be included in the collection to the choice of materials. It also includes the selection of a company to make the items and monitoring that production.