Portugal Fashion at the International Fashion Showcase for the third year in a row
Portugal Fashion at the International Fashion Showcase for the third year in a row

Innovating with each participation in the International Fashion Showcase, an initiative which is part of London Fashion Week, Portugal Fashion will be presenting an artistic installation which uses cork as a raw material. In order to develop the creative process, designers Estelita Mendonça and Pedro Neto and the HIBU, UNT and KLAR labels were invited to take part. The exhibition is curated by Miguel Flor.

With a multitude of parallel programmes throughout the five days of London Fashion Week, between 19 and 23 February, Portugal Fashion will once again be present at what is the most artistic initiative on the entire calendar for London Fashion Week: the International Fashion Showcase. Items developed by emerging young national designers will be on show at Somerset House. They will follow the creative concept arising from the work of curator, Miguel Flor, and will be in line with the general theme of the "Utopia” exhibition, using a typically Portuguese raw material: cork. Thus, the creations developed by Estelita Mendonça, Pedro Neto, HIBU, UNT and KLAR are inspired by the 500th anniversary celebrations of the publication of the book of the same name by Thomas Moore, although the message they intend to convey is based on the present and the future. However, the fact that the stand will be in Somerset House, which also intentionally calls attention to the importance of ecologically and socially sustainable designs, has not been overlooked. 

This alert comes in the shape of an installation with set design by Miguel Bento (whose list of clients includes the British Fashion Council and well-known names such as Hermès or Selfridges). With the support of Corticeira Amorim and an eco-friendly raw material, cork, the artistic and architectural design potential of the items created by the young "artisans” is also clearly stressed.

For Miguel Flor, curator of the Portuguese installation, "utopian balance is the purpose of the exhibition, symbolised by the creation of an exhibition space that uses cork – a Portuguese material whose extraction does not disturb the balance of the ecosystem and which formalises a symbiosis between the natural and the artificial – as well as in the challenge laid down to the designers, whose work reflects their concern with this issue, focusing heavily on reusing materials and on developing new techniques”.

Organised by the British Council and the British Fashion Council, the International Fashion Showcase is an initiative that unites new creative and conceptual approaches. It provides all participating designers with international visibility given that data from the most recent event point to it having been responsible for a global media coverage that reached around 260 million people. Embassies and cultural institutions from 27 countries also play a part. Portugal Fashion’s participation in the IFS is in partnership with aicep Portugal Global and is supported by the Portuguese Embassy in London.