Portugal Fashion back at Mozambique Fashion Week with Miguel Vieira, Pé de Chumbo and Susana Bettencourt
Portugal Fashion back at Mozambique Fashion Week with Miguel Vieira, Pé de Chumbo and Susana Bettencourt
After a remarkable domestic event, Portugal Fashion ends 2018 in style with the last fashion stop on its international itinerary, which has so far won Milan, Rome, Paris and London. This time around the SS19 season of presentations reaches its climax in Mozambique: Miguel Vieira, Pé de Chumbo and Susana Bettencourt are the Portuguese designers who showed off their creations for the next warm season, on Friday, 7 December, at South Beach Maputo, a cosmopolitan venue located in the Mozambican capital.

In addition, in the same venue, and to highlight the focus on the promotional side of Portuguese fashion, the three designers also took part in a showroom supported by the Next Step project – the commercial arm of Portugal Fashion – on 8 December. This campaign is intended not only to leverage the commercial potential of Portuguese designer fashion, but also to provide effective opportunities for networking and expanding contact networks in a market that is crucial to the Made in Portugal label.

"For the fourth time Portugal Fashion is present at the Mozambique Fashion Week, one of the main events in African fashion, and this confirms our feeling of a mission accomplished and achievement of our main goals for 2018: reinforcing the focus on internationalisation by Portuguese designers and labels, by ensuring their presence at fashion weeks and showrooms with strategic potential for Portuguese fashion” said Mónica Neto, Project Leader at Portugal Fashion. "In fact, having fashion shows in Mozambique allows us to provide our national designers with real business opportunities in a Portuguese-speaking market with huge potential, taking advantage of the visibility, communication and networking assured by the African fashion weeks”, she added.

And it is precisely from a promotional logic that the Next Step project once again teams up with Portugal Fashion to promote Portuguese fashion beyond our borders. Still at Mozambique Fashion Week, designers Miguel Vieira, Pé de Chumbo and Susana Bettencourt extended their presence at the African event to bring life to a showroom in South Beach Maputo. These designers thus benefited from a commercial showcase that is very relevant to audiences, buyers and other important players in the Mozambican market, which makes a significant contribution to the global establishment of the labels.

The NEXT STEP project came about due to the small size of the internal market and focuses on the "Made in Portugal" label through an action plan that encourages both internationalisation and exports with added value. This is a project of proximity based on the needs of the companies involved (these companies are associated with each designer and label) and their responsiveness to establishing an active presence in the global market. It provides support for competitiveness and includes specialised advice aimed at skills training (management, networking, expansion and internationalisation, prospecting and sales force) and attracting human, technological and even financial resources.

Next Step (a project by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs) and Portugal Fashion (a project by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, developed in partnership with ATP – Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal) are funded by Portugal 2020, under the scope of Compete 2020 – Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation, with funding from the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.