Portugal Fashion celebrates its anniversary with a vision of the future
Portugal Fashion celebrates its anniversary with a vision of the future
It has been two decades filled with achievements by Portugal Fashion. Under permanent construction, it has a history of undeniable value in the promotion of the national fashion sector at home and abroad. This is why, in the month it celebrates its 21st anniversary, the project is preparing to take on new challenges on the path to the internationalisation that is part of its DNA. We can’t reveal all of the surprises here, but we will give you a sneak preview. A preview that will give you plenty to talk about. Find out why.

If the exercise were to look back on the 20 years of Portugal Fashion, it would be no more than the plain truth to say that the project achieved one of its main aims: to contribute to changing the face of the national textile sector. In fact, we are now a country that is recognised not only for its excellent tailoring, but above all, we are seen as a nation that has modernised and introduced new business practices: our designers and brands have marketing, branding and labelling and invest resources in this promotional effort.

However, it is not based on these considerations that the 21st anniversary of Portugal Fashion will be celebrated. If, on the one hand, the project plays its part in the promotion of these achievements, it is a fact that "paths are made by walking” and it is by looking to the future that the initiative defines new aims. Taking internationalisation as one of the main aims of Portugal Fashion, this last year served to outline even bolder goals. It was a year of firsts. In June, the first international fashion show at the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. In July, the début at one of the most prestigious Italian fashion events, Altaroma. And for the coming season of fashion shows, a new boost: participation in the New York Fashion Week calendar.

On our way to the next decade

Until 1977, the legal age of majority in Portugal was 21. Taking those times into account, it is safe to say that – now yes - Portugal Fashion has reached adulthood. And because liberty goes hand in hand with responsibility, we are proposing a new exercise. Feeling the pulse of the new generation of national designers and observing the specialised monitoring these young designers receive from the Next Step project (the commercial arm of Portugal Fashion), what new campaigns might arise? The answer is direct, and quite obvious: all those that promote competitiveness, leverage the sales force, bring fame and are dedicated to the talents of Bloom, not forgetting our own designers who were pioneers in this new, more proactive and enterprising attitude. How (you may ask)? By exploring new markets. In October, a new foray into the east is being prepared, with Portuguese participation at Pure Shanghai, the most influential fashion event in China.

Promotion of the project is reinvented at the pace of new digital trends

Here too, the results of the spread of the project to other places are also clear, which can be seen from the international press delegations that have visited the national Portugal Fashion events. Important publications like Vogue Italia, the French edition of Marie Claire, Monocle 24, Harper’s Bazaar Argentina, Condé Nast Traveller, Schön! Magazine and Hunger Magazine are just some examples. Public relations work that Portugal Fashion intends to develop and which has already given rise to the presence of the fashion advisers of the future at the event: influential bloggers, who dictate trends and attract thousands of followers on social media, especially on Instagram, including Roberto De Rosa, Nathanyel Bns, Yuyu and The Gentleman Blogger

Going through the golden age of the millennial generation, the project also intends to position itself on the crest of the wave as far as social media is concerned. Therefore, there are plans for holding new engagement campaigns soon. In this way, we hope to achieve another operational aim: increasing the buzz and the sharing associated with the national Portugal Fashion event in the social media, the main target being the new generation, so avid for on time information and images.

We are thus expecting a year of maturity consolidating projects and filled with challenges. A year that will once again be marked by adding new cities to the map of Portugal Fashion’s international itinerary. A year when we will surely begin to outline new aims that we will tell you about in precisely 365 days, on the date of our 22nd anniversary.