Portugal Fashion débuts at Paris Fashion Week Menswear
Portugal Fashion débuts at Paris Fashion Week Menswear
At the beginning of the new season for the international itinerary, for summer 2017, Portugal Fashion returned to the city of light for another début beyond borders. For the first time, the project included the Paris Fashion Week Menswear fashion show programme, with designer Hugo Costa, thus achieving its aim of international expansion and doing justice to the increasing popularity of the men’s fashion segment. The catwalk presentation was on 24 June, at Maison des Métallos. This was also a début for the designer launched by Portugal Fashion on the Bloom platform: Hugo Costa had his first individual international fashion show in Paris. 

The theme of the collection focuses on bushido – the strict code of conduct associated with samurais, and Hugo Costa has made his début on the Paris fashion scene with coordinates that are looking ahead to the next warm season. After a season rich in presentations in showroom format, where he introduced his Metamorphoses collection, dedicated to mutation and maturity, this young designer once again surprises with his incorporation of "modern shapes and the use of the volumes and textures found in Japanese martial arts” into his items. In fact, this ancestry is the source of the inspiration for his collection. The starting point is the warrior discipline of the samurais, "clearly seen in the clothing and items worn”. Symbolism based on "organic aesthetics” and that adopts "functionality in the service of one purpose, honour”. The result is a collection based on a lifestyle, "encompassing the physical, spiritual and moral dimensions and focusing on self-improvement, fulfilment and personal growth”. 

New focus in line with Portugal Fashion’s internationalisation strategy

Bringing major visibility in specialised press, in buyers and many other driving forces in the sector, the international fashion weeks are perfect opportunities for projecting the designers, but also the entire sector and the country itself. This is just one more step forward along the road to affirmation of the project on the competitive European continent. 

"Extending the international itinerary of Portugal Fashion, which is now arriving at Paris Fashion Week Menswear, is yet another challenge we have set ourselves. Mindful of the emergence of this rapidly growing segment in the fashion industry, we believe it is time for this expansion, which is justified not only by the excellent results the designers and labels we support have achieved in the menswear sector, but also by the tendency of the global market to welcome the young designers. Hugo Costa is one of the examples that personifies this new generation of national designers, increasingly focused on the international panorama. This is why it makes perfect sense for Portugal Fashion to follow this path and support this new stage in his career”, said João Rafael Koehler, President of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the promoter of Portugal Fashion.

This focus has now taken on new contours, given that with the support of Portugal Fashion, the collections by the designer from São João da Madeira already stood out in Madrid, at a collective Bloom presentation in December 2012, and at Berlin Fashion Week, in a triple fashion show in July 2015. At the same time, Hugo Costa has also benefited from the support of the programmes developed by ANJE to support the internationalisation and marketing of his collections, normally presented in showroom format. This has just happened in London, with his participation in London Collections Men, and will also be happening in Paris: at Paris Fashion Week Menswear, the image component associated with the fashion show will benefit from a commercial campaign undertaken at the same time, through presence in the showroom. 

Portugal Fashion 2015-2017 – a project under the auspices of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, in partnership with ATP – Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal – is funded by Portugal 2020, under Compete 2020 – Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation, with European Union funds of European Regional Development Fund.