Portugal Fashion's third and final international stop took place in Paris and represented the launch of a new strategy to promote Portuguese fashion for the 2019/2021 period, joined for the first time by ModaLisboa.

On 26th September, from 6.30 pm to 9 pm, at the Hotel d'Évreux, 19 Place Vendôme, Katty Xiomara, Luís Buchinho and Luís Carvalho, powered by ModaLisboa, were the stars of a show that aimed to bring together three of the best national designers, serving as a venue to celebrate Portuguese design and what's "Made in Portugal".

At the hotel, each designer had a specific room where they will showcase their 2020 summer collections, giving the chance to those who visit the space to be closer to the clothes and, also, to the designers. Three places tailor-made for each one, featuring, as a unifying factor, the promotion of Portuguese fashion design.  

After the first initiative carried out in partnership, this strategy aimed to strengthen the logic of cooperation, as well as serve as reference, by pointing to the beginning of a broader, more functional and collaborative sectoral alignment between the different players.

Katty Xiomara questions the circle movements of life with her "After Now" collection. Life is a closed circle where there is no beginning or end, and where the after now does not exist and is a constant.

"After Now tells us a more abstract story in form and more concrete in function and intends to interact directly with 'our' people, that's why we opened a window from Paris to our creative universe, so that all of them can peek and interact with it", explains the designer.

Luís Buchinho is an "Accidental tourist" in the 2020 summer season. The one who questions the situation currently experienced in the most touristy cities, such as gentrification, sustainability or environmental concerns.

"The endless search for an identity of a brand or country were some of the topics portrayed in this collection", he explains. "The clothes are casual and unpretentious, easy to wear or bring", Luís adds.

Luís Carvalho was inspired by the 1920s art deco for summer season next year. Female emancipation was the designer's strong influence, which gave him "a fusion of the more female and delicate part with the male side, where the male suit is reinterpreted for both genders and the materials are handcrafted in more unexpected ways", he explained.

With a straighter and more refined silhouette, the designer's outfits powered by ModaLisboa have unexpected details where silks, sequins or feathers stand out in some pieces. 

The intense official women's prêt-à-porter week also featured the presence of the ModaPortugal advertising strategy, under the responsibility of CENIT and ANIVEC, and the holding of an unprecedented event, known as Zona Industrial ModaPortugal. 

This event brought together five of the most renowned and prestigious clothing manufacturing and textile production companies, Calvelex, Paulo de Oliveira, Polopique, Riopele, and Twintex, which are key assets for the Portuguese fashion industry.

Portugal Fashion – a project run by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, developed in partnership with ATP – Textile and Apparel Association of Portugal, and co-financed by Portugal 2020, under the scope of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation – Compete.