Portugal Fashion in Mozambique
Portugal Fashion in Mozambique
Portugal Fashion produced Miguel Vieira, Roselyn Silva and Micaela Oliveira’s fashion shows at Mozambique Fashion Week in Maputo. The project by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs ended its international itinerary with its third debut of the year, as a result of this pioneering campaign in Africa. After its first ever presentations in Berlin and Milan, Portugal Fashion associated itself with the most dynamic fashion week in Africa in order to strengthen the role of Portuguese-speaking markets in its internationalisation strategy. 

"Everything comes in threes. The year that is coming to an end was one of celebration and achievements. The commemoration of Portugal Fashion’s 20th anniversary will leave its mark on the history of the project, due to its debut in three markets. Having succeeded in being present at the Berlin and Milan Fashion Weeks, we are ending with a strategic focus for fashion and for national businesses: the Portuguese language markets. Mozambique Fashion Week is one of the most important trade shows in Africa and represents the embodiment of a new drive on Portugal Fashion’s international itinerary”, said the President of ANJE, João Rafael Koehler. "Along with European destinations and the major world fashion capitals, it is important for the sector to take advantage of the vast potential in the Portuguese-speaking countries, more particularly the business opportunities in the PALOP (Portuguese-speaking African countries)”, the president added.

The group of designers selected for this event is quite eclectic, not only with regard to the creative component but also with regard to business profile, as João Rafael Koehler explained: "The selection of the group of designers for this Mozambique Fashion Week campaign followed the fit to market rule. In addition to the image component associated with the show, a set of commercial initiatives were also promoted. ANJE therefore looked for balance between the Mozambican market profile and the profile of the Portuguese designers. Then, because our aim is not only to diversify our destinations, but also to increase the scope of our designers, we chose to invite a designer who has experience in foreign fashion weeks and also has expansion plans (Miguel Vieira), a designer whose designs have African inspiration (Roselyn Silva) and a stylist who is already present in that market (Micaela Oliveira)”. 

Showrooms, meetings and contact networks

As ANJE has been doing in other capitals, such as Paris and London, it designed this campaign in such a way as to combine the fashion show presentations with more wide-reaching strategies, involving the professional structuring of the designers’ activities. In Mozambique, the three collections were promoted in exhibitions at a commercial showroom as well as on international sales channels through specialised contact networks. These initiatives designed under the scope of the NEXT STEP project, include meeting with purchasing agents not only from Mozambique but also from other African markets and from markets further afield, during Maputo fashion week. 

The assumptions of the NEXT STEP project embrace the scarce internal market and therefore focuses on the "made in Portugal” label, through an action plan that encourages both internationalisation and exports with added value. This is a project of proximity based on the needs of the companies involved (these companies are associated with each designer and label) and their response capacity to an active presence on the global market. This is a support for competitiveness which includes specialised consultancy support aimed at developing skills (in management, networking, expansion and internationalisation, prospecting and sales force) and gaining human, technological and even financial resources.

NEXT STEP is a project by ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs with the support of Compete 2020 – Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme, under the scope of Portugal 2020. Portugal Fashion, in turn, is a project by ANJE, developed in partnership with ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal with the support of Compete 2020 – Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme, under the scope of Portugal 2020.