Portugal Fashion promotes Bloom pop up store at the Wrong Weather Shop
Portugal Fashion promotes Bloom pop up store at the Wrong Weather Shop
Portugal Fashion to open a Pop-Up Corner in the Wrong Weather shop in Porto this 10 February at 4 pm. The Spring/Summer 2018 menswear collections by young designers David Catalán, Nycole and Inês Torcato will be available for sale in this prestigious shop in Porto until 30 March. Using a conceptual philosophy of in-store presentation, which will allow the urban nature and designer differentiation of the collections to be highlighted, the partnership extends to the online shop, giving the young Bloomers the opportunity to benefit from all the dynamics of Wrong Weather's online sales.  

Helping new generations of fashion designers to boost their commercial potential and contributing to the democratisation of access to designer fashion are the main ideas behind this initiative. After the success of other commercial experiences, and as a complement to the promotional work done on the international showroom circuit, Portugal Fashion found in Wrong Weather the ideal partner for giving a boost to its more laboratorial platform.  

In fact, the Bloom Pop-Up Corner falls under the Wrong Weather Life concept, launched by the menswear shop in 2017. With a broader focus on international markets, Wrong Weather Life is a shop that highlights fashion design and culture in the areas of streetwear and sportswear, strengthening and offering a customised shopping experience to new consumers. The partnership with Portugal Fashion's Bloom is part of a more specific aim to present new fashion projects, new labels or collections, as well as art projects.  
The focus on young designers has long been one of the key elements of Portugal Fashion’s strategy. The event seeks to act as a lever for emerging talent in order to renew the national fashion panorama, to make the integration of new designers into the labour market easier and to fill any gaps that companies in the textile, clothing and footwear industries may have in terms of design. To this end, the Bloom project was designed with the aim of publicising the work of young fashion school graduates that show potential, as well as consolidating the results of all the promotional efforts that have been made on behalf of emerging designers who have previously taken part in Portugal Fashion.