Portugal Fashion's XMAS FLASH SALE takes designer fashion to Porto's downtown
Portugal Fashion's XMAS FLASH SALE takes designer fashion to Porto's downtown
If there were any doubts that Christmas is finally here, Portuguese fashion came to confirm it. Between December 8th and 16th, the place 85 at Praça Carlos Alberto becomes Portugal Fashion's XMAS FLASH SALE, a free acess, temporary Christmas pop up store, entirely dedicated to designer fashion. 15 designers from the event's national and international calendar are selling their collections in this initiative.

Alexandra Moura, Carla Pontes, David Catalán, Diogo Miranda, Estelita Mendonça, Hugo Costa, Inês Torcato, Júlio Torcato, Katty Xiomara, Maria Gambina, Micaela Oliveira, Miguel Vieira, Pé de Chumbo, Rita Sá and Susana Bettencourt are the participant designers. This Christmas event brings authors and consumers closer together, taking advantage from the Flash Sale's amazing location and all the commercial dynamics that surrounds this truly historical building, in a time of the year in which the growing number of tourists joins Porto's population on the search for the best Christmas presents.

Making the access to designer fashion easier, as well as allowing great opportunities at special prices is the XMAS FLASH SALE's main goal. The initiative covers not only the commercial promotion of clothing and accessories that are part of this Winter's collection (presented at Portugal Fashion, last March), but also unique items from previous collections in a sample sale strand. This way, Portugal Fashion wants to provide promotional support for Portuguese Designers, providing the usual communication support and a strong help on sales.

Portugal Fashion is a project under the auspices of ANJE – National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, developed in partnership with ATP – Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal. The event is financed by Portugal 2020, under the Compete 2020 - Competitiveness and Internationalisation Operational Programme, with funds from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.