By joint decision of the health authorities and the Direction of Portugal Fashion, the 46th edition of the event was suspended, which started yesterday and was scheduled for today and tomorrow, 13 and 14 March, at Alfândega do Porto. 

This means that all the fashion shows and presentations on the 2nd and 3rd days of the 46th Portugal Fashion will not be held because there are risks to public health, according to the technical opinion issued today by the competent entities. The recent evolution of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Portugal, which has led to a strengthening of measures to contain the epidemic, justifies a more restrictive attitude towards indoor events.

It is important to note that the suspension of the event is not motivated by the identification of any suspected case of infection by the new coronavirus. It is, only, a preventive measure and adjusted to the evolution of the epidemic in the country.

The 46th Portugal Fashion was always dependent on the evolution of the epidemic and on the technical advice of the health authorities, with which we remained in permanent contact. The model of the event was very thoughtful and successively changed, until the decision was made to limit access to fashion shows only for a restricted number of fashion professionals. But, as we are entering the most critical phase of covid-19, it is not advisable to proceed with the PF program.

Portugal Fashion regrets what has happened and is committed to working with creators and brands in order to find, together, a way to reverse this adversity in the near future.