Portugal Fashion with “punk” version  by Hugo costa for Paris Fashion Week Menswear
Portugal Fashion with “punk” version by Hugo costa for Paris Fashion Week Menswear
Portugal Fashion returned to the city of light for the second stop on its international fall/winter 2018-19 itinerary. Three days after Miguel Vieira's fashion show in Milan, it was Hugo Costa's turn to take his place on the official calendar of presentations at Paris Men's Fashion Week. The innovative presentation of the "(A)Way of Punk” collection, an experimental, interactive format, was produced by Portugal Fashion this Wednesday, 17 January, at 43, Rua Notre Dame de Nazareth. Hugo Costa's "no gender” proposals brought surprises as they bring a break from the label's usual shapes, but the designer from São João da Madeira also revealed another new feature: the launch of a new line of sunglasses. 

This was Hugo Costa's fourth consecutive participation in the Paris fashion week devoted to menswear. His début on the calendar of this prestigious fashion week came in June 2016. It was indeed a début by the designer who made his name in Portugal through Portugal Fashion's young designer platform, Bloom, but also a first for Portugal Fashion itself, adding the menswear market to its international itinerary of fashion shows and presentations. 

"Hugo Costa is one of the recent examples of what Portugal Fashion does well: identifying new talents, helping them take their first steps, through the Bloom project, and monitoring the development of their projects, putting them on its main platform of fashion shows and on its international presentation circuits”, said the President of ANJE, Adelino Costa Matos. "Designer Hugo Costa now has a label that's on its way up, he's on the calendar officially recognised by the French Fashion Association, the Fédération Française de la Couture du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et des Créateurs de Mode, which is in charge of organising the fashion weeks in the city of light, and has the opportunity to present his work in a global showcase, with all the benefits this brings in terms of visibility, reputation, positioning and prestige. Obviously, Portugal Fashion and Next Step still play a crucial role in the affirmation of this project, but the hardest part is behind us and that fills us with pride”, he added. 

"(A)Way of Punk”

Hugo Costa revealed next winter firmly convinced that "punk is not dead”. "Punk is very much alive; it's just been transformed. Or deconstructed. But it's still punk, the movement with an aggressive, sarcastic appearance, counterculture and reaction”, explained the designer, who built his entire new collection using this theme as his inspiration. "No, punk hasn't died here. It's implicit in the collection, reflecting as a reaction. Through the use of colour and more aggressive combinations of materials and unconventionally juxtaposed coordinates, always focusing on the "no gender" movement. The collection moves away from the colour block and works in an explosion of colour, sometimes questioning some of the label's shapes, other times transforming others”, Hugo Costa said.  

But it is not just the different shapes, materials and colours that make the difference that Hugo Costa revealed in Paris. The designer once again broke with the traditional fashion show format, following the trend seen in the high fashion industry, but this time with an integrated set of interactive dynamics. Multimedia technology and social media meet with living showcases, including the clothes exhibited, close contact with the models mingling throughout the area and video and photographic content, like an installation. Hugo Costa said one of the more interactive components was the "try it section” and claimed that this presentation focused mainly on the "mood of the label”. 

And it was in this multisensorial atmosphere that Hugo Costa announced his latest focus: a line of sunglasses developed in close cooperation with the Portuguese Cus Cuz brand. With added value coming from Hugo Costa's design, the glasses maintain the basic values of the brand: products completely manufactured and developed with sustainability in mind and with "gender-free”, minimalist and timeless lines. 

Fresh proposals for buyers from all over the world and Rome on the GPS 

Hugo Costa's living showcase did not end with his innovative presentation this Thursday. His proposals are now on show at the Idao Showroom from today to 24 January. This is complementary support provided by Portugal Fashion, through its commercial arm, the Next Step project. And young designers Inês Torcato and Nycole will also be presenting their men's fall/winter 2018-19 collections at the Idao Showroom, which will play host to buyers from all over the world during the fashion week. Bloomer David Catalán completes Portugal Fashion's promotional campaign in Paris, and he will have the backing of Next Step for exhibiting his collection at the Cube Showroom, until 24 January. 

After the Men's Fashion Weeks in Milan and Paris, Portugal Fashion's international itinerary journeys to Rome, precisely to promote young national talents. The fashion show by the designers on Portugal Fashion's Bloom platform, David Catalán, Inês Torcato and Nycole, will be on 28 January, at midday, in the Guido Reni District cultural centre. In what will be its third participation in the Altaroma calendar, Portugal Fashion will be consolidating a strategic partnership with the prestigious Italian organisation, aiming to establish regular synergies on the basis of two common tenets that are essential to the mission of both organisations; identifying, supporting and publicising new talents. This fashion show, and the entire partnership, will take off at the Altaroma Fashion Hub project. Portugal Fashion thus takes another step forward on its way to internationalising Bloom, the platform for new talents that has won over specialised critics both at home and abroad.