Susana Bettencourt among the finalists of the OPENMYMEDPRIZE 2017
Susana Bettencourt among the finalists of the OPENMYMEDPRIZE 2017

The Portuguese designer Susana Bettencourt is one of the 20 finalists of the OPENMYMED PRIZE 2017, an international competition promoted by Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM). Just post one like on this Facebook publication to ensure that the national designer will be the grand winner of the mentoring and communication prize worth 30 thousand euros. The voting closes on 4 January 2017.

Alongside this tempting prize, the international recognition of Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode would be another important contribution to the consolidation of a professional who is one of our most promising national young designers. Indeed, at this very moment, Susana Bettencourt is among the top 3 most voted designers, in a competition which involves various countries of Southern Europe and North Africa.

However, being among the most voted is not enough. To achieve the prize of 30 thousand euros, which is reflected in services provided in the mentoring and communication area provided by the actual French association, the designer must receive the highest number of votes. This will only take a second of your time, a mere like on this publication.

Learn more about Susana Bettencourt's career path

She took her first steps at Portugal Fashion’s Bloom, where she made her debut in 2011. Since then, the designer of Azorean origin has imprinted her identity on the national and international fashion scene. She is well-known for her skill in working with knitwear, but it is in the digital arena that Susana Bettencourt's entire creative process begins, which distinguishes her and outlines the profile of her brand.

She specialised in Digital Fashion at London College of Fashion and it was precisely there, in that city of London, that she developed skills and was drawn into the creative and multicultural universe experienced by one of the main centres of world fashion. Making the most of the synergies established at that time, she knocked at the door of the Victoria and Albert Museum proposing a display of her work, and after some resistance of the prestigious cultural establishment, was received with enthusiasm. A typical case of her perseverance and creative quality, also revealed in a special order received in 2011, from the pop star Lady Gaga, who wanted to wear exclusive items by Susana Bettencourt for her world tour.

London, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna and, more recently, Rome, are included in the tour of international presentations made by the designer as a result of Portugal Fashion. Her transatlantic passport has stamped the destinations of New York, Vancouver and even Malaysia. A career path that would make Susana Bettencourt a fair winner of the OPENMYMED PRIZE 2017.

Promotion of young fashion talent in the Mediterranean territory

Created in 2010, the OPENMYMED PRIZE award seeks to distinguish the emerging talent of the Mediterranean region. The promotion is done by the association Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode (MMMM), founded in 1988, in Marseilles. In six years of competition, over 70 young designers of different countries have received mentoring and communication support by a specialised team in strategic counselling, where the total value of investment is estimated to have exceeded 300 thousand euros.

Jayne Estève Curé, marketing expert of the Institut Français de la Mode, and Etienne Cochet, CEO of WSN Developpement, are among the highly reputed mentors of the winning young designers. With regard to communication, the support extends to publicising in wide-circulation specialist publications, the offer of a and the production of a video presenting the brand.

To make sure that Susana Bettencourt is the designer who will receive the prize don't forget to vote. You can do so from this link.