The experimental side of Bloom
The experimental side of Bloom
When speaking on the SIC Mulher programme, "Faz Sentido”, Miguel Flor, coordinator of Portugal Fashion’s BLOOM platform, highlighted the 37th Portugal Fashion for its discovery and promotion of young designers. Six young designers, three young designer labels and three fashion schools took part in this, the fifth Bloom project. 

Miguel Flor, in charge of coordinating Bloom, does not hesitate to interpret the project as "a platform respecting experimentation”, providing the designers of the future with "laboratory” level training. The designer also added that "following their growth and development” is also a process of learning, indeed rejuvenation, for him.

The internationalisation of Portugal Fashion was another of the topics covered during the conversation, which the two young HIBU designers also took part in. As the fashion world is extremely competitive, Miguel Flor believes that the initiative’s focus on new external markets and on positioning Portuguese fashion more and more firmly in the large international trade shows is fundamental to the survival of the designers, who quickly run out of opportunities on the national market. 

The word Bloom means to flourish, blossom, glow... And it is with this spirit of incubation that the fashion professor and designer Miguel Flor takes on the coordination of the Bloom project. He is also in charge of selecting the designers, providing support to the structuring of the coordinates and the design of the shows. In fact, this Bloom project, part of the Portugal Fashion calendar, brought in two new young designers: Inês Marques and Tiago Silva, who is represented by his [UN]T label.
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