TVI and Portugal Fashion renew their partnership
TVI and Portugal Fashion renew their partnership
TVI is once more the official television station of the 43rd Portugal Fashion spring/summer 2019, and the event's fashion shows were broadcast on both its general channel and its news channel: TVI24. For the third time in a row, the Queluz TV station is teaming up with Portugal Fashion, and is the exclusive broadcaster for its fashion shows.

This partnership with Portugal Fashion involves the production and broadcast of four 3-minute shows on TVI’s general channel and eight 3-minute shows, four 15-minute programmes and two 30-minute programmes on TVI24. A live online broadcast of fashion shows was also made using special dedicated channel on TVI Player. All content related to the 43rd event will also be hosted and available on this platform. 

The fashion shows at the 43rd Portugal Fashion can then be watched by thousands of viewers on TVI’s channels in October and November. It should be noted that the 30-minute specials on TVI24 will feature not only fashion shows but also preparations for Portugal Fashion, backstage bustle, interviews with key players, parallel events and more. 

It is worth mentioning that the programme content is produced under the responsibility of the Portugal Fashion organisation, but according to guidelines from TVI. And the programmes will be hosted by presenter Olívia Ortiz, one of the best known faces from the Queluz station. 

Televisão Independente (TVI) is the fourth general TV channel and the second privately-owned channel. It started broadcasting on a regular basis in October 1993 and one year later, thanks to its own transmission network, it was covering the whole of Portugal. In 2005, it took the lead in terms of TV audience share in Portugal, and has now been in that position for 12 years in a row. 

TVI's first cable channel began broadcasting in February 2009. TVI24, the third Portuguese TV news channel, was then born. Currently, TVI24 is fighting for prime-time leadership among the cable news channels.