Two new bloomers making their debut at Portugal Fashion Celebration
Two new bloomers making their debut at Portugal Fashion Celebration
The Bloom platform is an excellent way of presenting up-and-coming talents in the fashion world and sponsored two new young designers at the 37th Portugal Fashion: Inês Marques and Tiago Silva, from the [UN]T label.

Inês Marques was born in Porto in 1991. In 2012, she graduated in Visual Arts and Artistic Technology from the Porto Polytechnic Institute of Higher Education. A year later she began studying Clothes Design Techniques at Modatex, in Porto. She was selected for the Comenius Project, under which she presented a men’s collection of three coordinates in the city of Berlin, in May. The designer was also selected for the Bilros Project, developing a women’s coordinate using bilros lace, which was presented in Peniche, Portugal. In February 2015, Inês Marques won the Young Designers Contest, which is part of Portuguese Fashion News (PFN), organised by the Selectiva Moda Association. The designer is currently on an internship at the Luís Buchinho Studio.

At the 37th Portugal Fashion, Inês Marques presented her "Lath” collection, characterised for being "rich in graphic elements and textures”. Inspired by the aesthetics of the artist Andy Vogt, "and never forgetting the sculptor’s main material – wood –», the young designer will display "proposals with a very simplified design, using clean, straight lines with colour and material mixes». Inês Marques favours "simple materials”, such as serge, which she uses to create "new results through the use of different techniques on the fabric”. These results are seen in prints, appliqués and finishes. She guarantees that this creative process turns her garments into authentic works of art.

[UN]T is Tiago Silva’s label. From Braga, he is a 24-year-old design student. While studying visual arts he discovered his love for fine arts and fashion design. He has already completed an internship in industrial design at Petratex and he has participated (in association with Marques Almeida and Carlos Couto) in Portugal Fashion. He won the 44th Young Designers Contest, organised by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, and he admits his preference for developing concepts and takes great pleasure in designing collections for the female audience.

The 37th Portugal Fashion Celebration presented a total of 10 fashion shows under the scope of the Bloom project. This clearly shows the organisation’s willingness to promote the work by new talents and make them part of the fashion world.