Vasco Freitas: "We must go after what we're really happy doing"
Vasco Freitas: "We must go after what we're really happy doing"

1.    When did the concept of being a hairdresser change to being a hairstylist?
I think that's nothing more than a whim…. it's just another word for the same thing. 


2.    You've styled lots of people's hair. Of these people, whose hair would you style every day?
Nobody's. I don't like it, and I don't think it's either modern or glamourous for a woman to have to go to the hairdresser's every day to look good.


3.    Do your comb and scissors mean the same to you as a pen to a writer?
Yes, of course. Without them, my words wouldn't be worth anything.


4.    If you weren't a hairstylist, what would you be?
I'd like to be on a team of paramedics because I've always loved the unexpected, and the rush of never knowing what tomorrow will bring. 


5.    Do you regret anything that you left undone?
Yes. Being more of a friend to my body…


6.    Are the Portuguese well-groomed?
Yes, among the best in Europe. I think there are only two or three countries that can compare to us. That's if you believe charm is not the same thing as being flashy.


7.    What's your Nepal in Portugal?
Leça da Palmeira, without a shadow of a doubt.


8.    Luck, work, determination, talent. Did these four concepts make you what you are today?
Yes, without a doubt. And you also have to have a lot of confidence in what you believe in because until you prove your worth, people will always doubt you. Or have a friend... because when you're heterosexual, everything takes twice as long.


9.    Do you prefer learning or teaching?
Learning, definitely. I'm not very good at teaching because a lot of my work is through feeling and intuition, and I still haven't learnt how to teach that.


10.        Even knowing he'd lose his strength, would you be capable of cutting Samson's hair?
I don't know who Samson is…


11.        Paper scissors, razor, machine. What would you cut Sara Sampaio's hair with?
Normally, I cut her hair more with scissors - not paper ones - and a razor.


12.        Do you hear lots of secrets when you're cutting hair?
Not really. The only secrets I hear or that people might want to talk about come from customers (and friends) who've been with me for over 10 years. 


13.        Who do you admire most? Why?
My father. Although he grew up without anything and with a lot of hardship, he never let that affect how he brought me up and taught me to see the future.


14.        Which of your goals in life do you think younger people should follow?
Going after what you're really happy doing. How the time you spend doing things you love goes by really quickly. Then, grab on with all your might to all the opportunities that come your way.


15.        How did you begin working with Portugal Fashion?
It was on Miguel Viana's team.


16.        What position did you play in football?
Right or left wing.


17.        Could you have been another Cristiano Ronaldo, but with a northern accent?
No, never! But I really enjoy playing football.


18.        What do you think of Bloom?
Please don't get me wrong, but at the moment, I think they're the flagship for Portuguese fashion and the ones who need help from more experienced people, because they're the only ones who have to go it alone, without any "safe harbour". Let's see if this time we can start taking them to the big labels, both national and international, as you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of designers who make a living from their own label only.


19.        Can more risks be taken in Bloom?


20.        Have you any advice for the Bloomers?
Team up with industry more, because industry is already producing things for the big labels. Team up and create their own, but with structure.
Nowadays, fashion is only worthwhile if it's up for sale and someone buys it.